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Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice

In the following, we should like to inform you as to which of your personal data will be requested and stored at pharma-shopping.de and how we handle your data. Please read through this information on data security regularly, as it may change every once in a while.

Data security:

We endeavour to make most services available to you as an anonymous user. Your personal data will only be used in accordance with the consent you have given for its use in processing purchases and any procedures connected to them. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Without your express agreement, we will not pass on any of your personal data, unless we are under a legal obligation to do so.

Personal data:

Personal data is any information which makes it possible to identify a person - particularly their name, date of birth, address and telephone number. Anonymous data includes, for example, any entries you may make concerning your personal preferences or the like.

What data will be requested?

We will collect data in accordance with the nature of the service being used. For example, registration is essential for certain services.

Who collects my data?

Basically, any data you enter onto our pages will be collected and stored exclusively in our databases, unless we expressly inform you that this is not the case.

What do we do with your data?

In most cases, we need your data in order to provide a particular service (e.g. the Online Shop).

Do I have any control over the way my data is used?

You naturally have the sole right to decide whether and for which purposes we are allowed to use your data. You thus have the option of ordering a newsletter containing targeted information, which you can also cancel again at any time. See our cookies....

Must I accept cookies?

You have to accept cookies in order to be able to use our services in an error-free way. For example, this is the only way you can purchase articles from the Online Shop. There, a cookie allocates an ID to you, accompanies you during your purchase and keeps a record of which articles you have placed in your shopping cart.

Do we pass on your data to third parties?

We do not sell or lend any user information. We would only pass on such information, if necessary, to state institutions (e.g. the law enforcement agency) or in the case of a court order.

SSL encryption
To ensure that your personal data is not transmitted via the internet unencrypted (i.e. vulnerable to unauthorized access), we encrypt your orders using SSL. For this, you need a browser which supports SSL (most modern browsers do support SSL), which first of all reads out the server certificate when establishing an SSL connection, and then checks both the certificate and the address of our server for validity and membership at the certification authority. This procedure ensures that your data really is sent to the website operator and not diverted to third parties. As secure SSL connections are considerably slower than unencrypted connections, we have decided to offer SSL connections only for pages where you enter your personal data and pages for the order checkout process.
You can see whether you are currently connected to an internet page via a secure connection through a lock symbol on the status bar of your browser.
As soon as you set up a new customer account, log in or proceed to the checkout to pay, the lock symbol will appear on your browser as a sign that the connection is secure.
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